Breeding Philosophy

It is our job to bring you a selection of bulls to give you that explosive gain from birth to weaning. It is our responsibility to plan mating with just that right female, developing top end replacement heifers and bulls, watching them grow and mature and then send that “just right” bull off to our buyer’s herd knowing he recognizes his value.

All our females are run with no special treatment…just like a commercial cow. We are consistently striving to better our females for fertility, good utter, improving carcass, and docility. We all know…it is all about those females!

Bulls are our business and we have spent 60 years breeding the kind of cattle that have kept us in business – concentrating on calving ease, fast gaining calves, dispositions, mothering ability and carcass values. Our bulls are grown out, not fed out and look good doing it!

Many of the bulls we raise are “Pass Creek Angus” sired and as you compare Herd Sires to our AI Sires it will be obvious that they can certain stack up with the outside sires represented. We believe it is important to use bulls that are developed here, that are adapted to our environment and make sure that their calves can compete in groups of calves sired by other respected breeders.

The success of our customers is our greatest inspiration and remains our highest priority. It is an honor and privilege to serve as your seed stock source and we thank you for the confidence you may place in our program. If we can be of assistance in anyway, please don’t hesitate to contact us.